App Components

A Zingy app is made up of one or more of the following:

  • Pages

    Most apps present information to users via one or more pages. The pages are made up of page elements that can be dragged and dropped from the page element sidebar.

  • Forms

    Forms are special types of pages that allow your app to take input from users. The data entered by the user can then be saved in your app's data or sent out externally using your app's connections.

  • Data

    The data for your app is organized into database tables made up of fields. Think of fields as columns making up a row representing an entry in the table. The data can then be read or queried based on your own criteria.

  • Connections

    Using connections your app can securely read from or send information to other apps or services.

  • Page Flow logic

    Using the Page Flow Visual Editor, you can build logic to make every page interact with the user and display information. The Page Flow logic runs and remains active when the user navigates to that page in your app.

  • Cloud Flow logic

    Using the Cloud Flow Visual Editor, you can build logic that can be triggered or invoked as and when required. Unlike Page Flow logic, Cloud Flow logic is always active and runs on the Zingy cloud.

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