Menubar Item

The Menubar Item element is used to represent a menu entry within a Menubar component.

Typically, it includes the editable Menubar Item Link element, but you have the flexibility to add various other elements to it. For example, you can include elements such as Input, Dropdown, Button, or Image within the Menubar Item element. This allows you to customize the content of each menu item according to your specific needs.

It's important to note that the Menubar Item element cannot be directly accessed in the Page Element Library for drag-and-drop functionality. Instead, you can utilize the following pre-built elements:

To add a Menubar Item element containing custom content, you can utilize the Menu Item element by removing the default Menubar Item Link and replacing it with other desired elements. This allows you to incorporate custom content within the Menubar Item according to your specific requirements.


The Options tab settings for this element are described below:

Activated Look

This setting works in conjunction with the Background Style setting of the Menubar Holder element:

  • Default: This setting will have no effect.

  • Light: Renders the element in a more distinctly dark text color.

  • Dark: Renders the element in a more distinctly light text color.

Contains Popup Menu

This setting is used to indicate that the element contains a popup menu or a sub-menu. This setting is automatically turned ON for the Menubar Popup Menu element.

Control the direction in which the popup-menu or sub-menu will open when the element is clicked. This setting is only used if the element contains a popup-menu or a sub-menu and has the Contains Popup Menu option turned on.

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