To utilize the Form element, it is necessary to have an existing form page already created within your application.

Use the Form element to embed a form in your page.

The Form is a widget element with the following characteristics:

  • It exhibits content dynamically upon page load. Within the page editor, it will showcase a placeholder that denotes the designated content area. To preview the element's appearance on your page, utilize the Page Preview feature.

  • It will span the entire width of their parent element horizontally.


The image below shows a form element placed inside in the right layout column. For demonstration the left layout column is styled with a green dashed border, and the right layout column is styled with a red dashed border.

In the page editor, the form element is rendered with a place holder as shown below.

When the page is previewed or loaded by the user, the form element is rendered with the specified form page.


The Options tab settings for this element are described below:

Form URL (AppDomain/forms/)

Specify the name of the form page or the Publishing URL slug of the form page.

Allow Multiple Uses

When turned ON, the embedded form will reset back to its initial state after it has been successfully submitted.

When turned OFF, the embedded form can only be used once per page load, and will display a status message after the form is submitted.

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