Mouse/Keyboard Action

Block Information

Available in: Page Flow

Toolbox Category: Action - Event

Block Type: Regular

Use the Mouse/Keyboard Action block to take an action when the user interacts with elements on the page using the mouse or keyboard.

The block consists of the following (from top to bottom):

  • Element: Selectable Input to choose the element.

  • Event: Dropdown configuration setting that allows you to choose from three options:

    1. Clicked: When the selected element is clicked.

    2. Double-Clicked: When the selected element is double-clicked.

    3. Right-Clicked: When the selected element is right-clicked.

    4. Key Pressed: When a key is pressed with the focus is inside the selected element.

  • Tasks: a Flow Parameter where you connect blocks that specify what you want done when the event occurs. Use the Action/Event Info block to get more information about the event.

Usage Example

The image below shows an example of the Mouse/Keyboard Action block where the Show Information Popup block is used to show a message.

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