Prerequisite for Dynamic Content block examples

In order to make the Page Flow blocks related to Dynamic Content easier to understand, we have created a common design and initial data, which we will explain in this section.

Data Design

The example uses the Data Design shown in the above image, and is summarized below:

Page Flow

The data used for the example consists of a list (stocks list) containing two items with sample information for Company 1 (with identifier ST100, stock ticker CMPN1) and Company 2 (with identifier ST101, stock ticker CMPN2). This is shown in the image below:

The data is then used to populate the page using our data design as follows:

The above flow consists of a list loop block that iterates through our stocks list and generates content using our Data Design by providing the value for the placeholder fields using our data.

The Initialize Toggle Switch in Data Design block is used because our Data Design contains a Toggle Switch element.

Rendered Page

The image below shows how the rendered page looks.

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