Using AI Wiz in the Page Editor

If you are looking for ideas regarding the design/layout or content of a page, AI Wiz will be your best friend!

AI Wiz uses Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate content based on instructions in plain english.

Generative AI makes use of large language models (LLMs) and generative pre-trained transformers (GPT) to output very effective content that can be used as a starting point or reference when you are designing a page for your app.

The page editor AI Wiz can be accessed from the page element library under the AI Wiz category.

Choose the 'Create' button to specify what you want in the screen that follows.

A new element appears in the library under the AI Wiz category. The element is grayed out until the processing completes and is shown in green once ready.

You can drag and drop the new element just like the built-in elements in the library and have these elements referenced by your Page Flow logic.

AI Wiz Examples

The video below shows a simple conference welcome screen layout and content generated by AI Wiz.

In this second example, we make AI Wiz generate a home screen for a student management software.

Lastly, for a more complex example, we make AI Wiz generate the main screen for a project management software.

In addition to generating designs and layouts, AI Wiz can also generate write-ups and textual content based on any topic.

e.g. short write up on penguins produces:

Note: AI Wiz may produce slightly different content for each run for the same input.

Every account gets a limited number of free AI Wiz credits every month. You can however, purchase add-on AI Wiz credits if you need to generate content beyond the free quota.

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