The Menubar element serves the purpose of constructing a primary menu for your application by incorporating one or more Menu Item, Menubar Popup Menu, or Menubar Login Info elements.

It's important to note that the Menubar element cannot be directly accessed in the Page Element Library for drag-and-drop functionality. Instead, you can utilize the pre-built responsive solutions offered by the Menubar Style1 and Menubar Style2 elements, which already include the Menubar functionality. By utilizing these elements, you can easily incorporate the Menubar and its associated elements into your web page.


The Options tab settings for this element are described below:

Horizontal Align

Controls how the elements inside the contents of the Menubar are spaced horizontally.

This setting has responsive design support for various screen sizes: Main (overall), Desktop, Tablet and Mobile. The desktop, tablet and mobile versions of this setting override the Main setting.

The possible values are:

  • Default: Same as Left or Right depending on the locale of the user.

  • Left: Aligns the contents towards the left.

  • Center: Aligns the contents towards the center.

  • Right: Aligns the contents towards the right.

  • Space Around: Equally distribute the available space before and after each element inside the Menubar.

  • Space Between: Distribute the available space between the elements inside the Menubar.

Scrollable Content

Enable this if the content inside your Menubar exceeds the dimensions of the page and you require the ability to scroll.

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