The Apps tab lists all the apps in your account.

Create your App

Use the New App icon to create a new Zingy app.

App License

When creating a new Zingy app, you can either add a new app license or use an existing credit/license.

To create a new Zingy app, choose your App's edition license. The monthly pricing for each of the editions will be displayed. For details about the features included in each app edition please visit .

You will be charged a one-time pro-rated fee depending upon the number of days remaining in your billing cycle at the time of App creation.

Starting with your next bill, this new App will be charged the regular monthly pricing.

App Identifier

After selecting your license, you will be asked to provide a name for your App. This name is used as an identifier for your app and needs to be unique within your account.

Please note that you cannot change the name/identifier for your app, but can change the display name after the App is created.

The name/identifier is only used for internally referring to your app. For the users of your app, you will separately select a unique URL when publishing your app.

Purchase Review

Before you hit the Create App button, you can review the details.

It may take a few minutes to create and prepare your new App.

The app's icon will indicate the status.

Change your App's Display Name

You can change the Display name of your app using the App Configuration menu option when you click on the app. (See below)

Edit your App

This is where the fun begins! Use the Edit App menu option when you click on the app. (See image above). The Zingy App Editor opens in a new tab in your browser.

Delete your App

Use the Delete App menu option to delete the app. The license for the app becomes available as a credit for the remaining days in your billing cycle. You may use the license to create another app before your next bill. If license is not used, it is automatically removed and your invoice amount will be reduced accordingly.

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