Button Group

The Button Group element allows you to group multiple buttons together. It provides a way to visually organize related buttons and size them as a cohesive unit.

The image below shows examples of button groups:

  • Button group with 4 buttons and the Size option set to small.

  • Button group with 3 buttons and the Size option set to large.

  • Button group with the Type option set to vertical.


The Options tab settings for this element are described below:


Set the size of the buttons to override the Size setting of individual buttons. If the value of this setting is Default, the button group is rendered based on the largest sized button in the group.


By default, a button group is rendered in horizontal orientation. You can also have the button vertically oriented by choosing the Vertical setting.

When used in the composite Popup Menu1 and Popup Menu2 elements, you can specify the location where the menu opens when clicked.

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