App Editor Tour

Get to know your way around the Zingy App Editor
The App Editor is organized into the following tabs:
Zingy App editor
Zingy App editor
  • Pages & Forms
    Allows you to create and edit the pages and forms in your App. Usually your app has at-least one page that allows the user to interact with your app.
  • Data
    Manage your App's data in the form of tables, fields and queries.
  • Cloud Flow
    Create logic that runs in the background or when invoked via unique URL (web-hook).
  • Toolbox - Media
    Upload files used by your App.
  • Toolbox - Connections
    Lets your App talk to external applications and APIs​
  • Toolbox - Connection Data
    View and manage data saved by connections.
  • Toolbox - Page Slices
    View and manage the page slices used by Structured Pages.
  • Settings - App Settings
    View and manage various settings including the App's unique URL, the app level fonts, and app level HTML head and CSS style definitions, etc.
  • Settings - Users
    Add/remove users that access your app. Set user roles by assigning them to specific groups.
  • Settings - User Groups
    Define your app's user groups​
  • ​
    Publish App
    ​Publish your a new version of your app.
  • ​
    Launch App
    Open your app's unique URL in a new browser tab.