The Table element is used to display tabular data and forms part of the two composite elements in the Page Element Library: Table (3 cols) and Table (4 cols).

The table element consists of a table head section and a table body section.

The table head section usually contains a single Table Row element with one or more Table Heading Cell elements. The number heading cells matches the number of columns you need.

NOTE: The table head section can contain more than one table row element.

The table body section usually contains one or more Table Row elements, each of which contain Table Column Cell elements.


The Options tab settings for this element are described below:


Controls the type of borders shown for the table. The possible values are:

  • Default

    Separates each row of the table with a horizontal line.

  • Disabled

    Displays the table without any borders

  • Enabled

    Displays the table with borders

Compact Spacing

When ON, reduces the padding inside each heading and column cell to give the table a compact look.

Striped Rows

Render alternate rows using a gray background to give the table a striped look.

You can further customize your table via Custom CSS Classes or the Design Tab.

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