Dynamic Content


Dynamic Content is content that is displayed or rendered on the page based on the user's action.

This usually involves interacting with the user through menus and popup forms, or writing to and reading from sources, external to the page, for example your app's database or third party apps using API calls, etc.

For an overview of our dynamic content features, please watch video shown above.

Zingy's dynamic content framework is comprised of three main aspects:

Widget Elements

Widget elements are the easiest way to add dynamic content to your page. With very simple configuration, they provide a ready-to-use solution. Optionally, they can be customized using Page Flow.

Examples of widget elements include the Data Table element, Stripe Payment element and others.

Data Design Element

The Data Design element is used to design a template with one or more elements. This template can be dynamically incorporated into your page using Page Flow. You have the flexibility to replicate the template multiple times as needed.

Placeholder Fields

Within a Data Design, certain elements like Image, Link and Text, allow you to define placeholder fields, whose values can be set from real data.

Look for the Dynamic Content toggle switch and the Field Name settings in these elements for defining the placeholder field names.

For example you can add a Link element and set its URL dynamically. Similarly a text element's content can also be set dynamically.

Page Flow

Page Flow offers a user-friendly interface where you can design the flow of your app's pages and forms. It provides a collection of pre-designed blocks that can be easily arranged and connected through a drag-n-drop interface. Each block represents a specific programming concept or logic, allowing you to build sophisticated programs by stacking and nesting these blocks together.

You will find blocks of various types, including the ability to generate content using the Data Design elements and many more.


We have created a demonstration video that takes you step-by-step and shows how dynamic content can be added to your page. Check it out below.

Page Flow blocks

The following is a list of some important Page Flow blocks related to dynamic content. For a complete listing of all Page Flow blocks, please see Toolbox Blocks.

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