The API Key service allows your app to securely store sensitive information like API keys, SSH keys, passwords, secrets, etc and access them within your Cloud Flow Web Hooks and Background Tasks.

Profile Settings

NOTE: All profile settings are encrypted and stored in Zingy's cloud infrastructure.


Paste or enter the API key, SSH key, password, secret, etc here.

Secret2/Secret3/Secret4 (optional)

Optionally store up-to 3 other related key/secret values as part of the profile.

Connection Settings

The API Key service does not have any connection specific settings.


The Execute Connection Command block is available in both Page Flow and Cloud Flow. Using this block you can add logic to trigger the operations/commands supported by the API Key service.

For security purposes, all operations/commands offered by the API Key service are only available in Cloud Flow and cannot be used in Page Flow.


Use this command to retrieve the values for the API key, SSH key, password, secret, etc.

Input Data



Object representing the key/secret values:



The main secret value

secret2, secret3, secret4

Additional secret values

Advanced Functionality

In your app's Cloud Flow Web Hooks and Background Tasks, the Custom Code block can also be used to retrieve keys/secrets stored using this service.

const keyInfo = zingyConn.apikey(connectionName);

The keyInfo object contains the secret1 , secret2 , secret3 and secret4 properties for the key/secret values.

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