Table Row

The Table Row element represents a row of information inside a Table element. A table row contains one or more columns in the form of Table Heading Cell or Table Column Cell elements.

A Table Row can only be added to the table head or table body sections. Additionally the only elements that can be added to the table row are Table Heading Cell or Table Column Cell .


The Options tab settings for this element are described below:


Controls what happens when the mouse hovers over any part of the row.

The possible values are:

  • Disabled

    This is the default setting with no changes.

  • Enabled

    The entire row is given a gray background.

  • Clickable

    The row is rendered using a gray background and the mouse cursor is changed to a pointer.


Provides a list of pre-defined background colors to use for the row.

You can also customize the background color or any other design attribute via Custom CSS Classes or the Design Tab.

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