Menubar Collapsible

The Menubar Collapsible element offers the ability to hide the menubar based on specific screen sizes and allows you to control its visibility using a button or other custom methods.

Please note that you won't find the Menubar Collapsible element directly available in the Page Element Library for drag-and-drop functionality. Instead, you can utilize the pre-designed responsive solutions provided by the Menubar Style1 and Menubar Style2 elements, which contain the Menubar Collapsible element.

To incorporate the Menubar Collapsible element, you need to place the Menubar within this element and then insert this element into the Menubar Holder element. Fortunately, the Menubar Style1 and Menubar Style2 elements already handle this arrangement for you.

For determining the screen sizes where the menubar should be displayed, please refer to the documentation of the Menubar Holder element. It provides instructions on specifying the desired screen sizes for menubar visibility.

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