App Users

The App Users screen can be accessed by selecting the Users option located in theSettings menu of the App Editor.

Through the App Users screen, you have the ability to add users to your app and assign them to one or multiple user groups or roles.

After adding one or more users, you can regulate access to various resources within your Zingy app, including pages/forms, database tables, connections, Cloud Flow webhooks, and more.

User Listing

The app user's screen displays a list of your app's users. It also provides a way to quickly search and lookup a specific user.

The image below shows an example of the user listing where the username, the group/role and buttons to edit and remove a user are provided for each user.

Adding a user

To add a new user to your app, simply click the 'Add' button and input the user's details in the subsequent screen (as shown in the example image below).

The Username, Password, Status, and Email fields hold utmost significance. While the First Name, Last Name, and Phone fields require values to be set, they are primarily used for informational purposes.

The Web Hook Key setting for a user is not mandatory, except when you intend to utilize this user's credentials to access a Cloud Flow webhook. In such cases, you can generate a unique key by clicking on the "Generate Key" button, and then copy the randomly generated value for further use.

When assigning role/group membership, you will observe that the 'All Users' group with the 'Staff Level 1' role is already pre-specified. This combination of the 'All Users' group and 'Staff Level 1' role represents the minimum access level for users. Every user is inherently part of this group and role by default.

You have the flexibility to include additional role/group memberships as needed, including membership for the Admin group. The Admin group signifies the highest level of access, and all resources within your app, such as pages/forms, database tables, and more, are inherently configured to grant complete access to the Admin group by default.

Editing a user

To modify the details of a particular user, simply click on the corresponding edit in the user listing. The screen for editing a user is identical to the one used for adding a user. You have the ability to modify all settings, including the user's role/group membership, as per your requirements.

Removing a user

To remove a particular user, simply click on the corresponding delete button in the user listing.

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