Data Read Next

Block Information

Available in: Page Flow and Cloud Flow

Toolbox Category: Data - Read

Block Type: Regular

Data Read Next is a regular block that initiates reading of the next page of records from a database table.

The block consists of the following (from top to bottom):


  • This block only functions if a previous database read, using a Data Read block, for the same table and dataset, was initiated and completed.

  • The same database Query with input parameters and Per Page values that were provided with the Data Read block will be used here.

  • This block initiates the database read, which will occur in the background. To track the status and to take an action upon completion of the read, use the Data Status block.

  • To access the records after a successful read, see Data Record Count, Data Record Loop, Data Record at Index blocks.

Usage Example

NOTE: Please refer to the prerequisite information shown here before seeing the example.

The image below shows an example of the Data Read Next block.

Here is a summary of the above example:

  • The Mouse/Keyboard Action block is used to handle a button click.

  • When the button is clicked, the Data Read Next block is used to initiate a read for the next page.

  • The Data Status block is used to track the status of the read and upon success, the do something function is invoked.

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