Coding in Page Flow

In Page Flow, the Custom Code block allows you to add Javascript code and implement advanced custom functionality.


You can write code to manipulate the page/form HTML5 DOM and access objects and invoke methods and functions that are part of the standard Web API implemented by the browser.

Open Source/Proprietary Libraries

Zingy allows you to reference open-source, 3rd party and proprietary libraries/scripts in your app's pages and forms. This can be done at the app-level (where all pages and forms reference the library) or at the page-level.

You can access objects, call functions/methods from these libraries using the Custom Code block.

Page Flow Variables and Functions

The variables and functions that are added to Page Flow (using blocks) can also be referenced by the code within the Custom Code block.

Javascript Assets

In Business or higher editions, you can create and edit Javascript file assets. The code within the the Custom Code block can reference variables and call functions in Javascript file assets if they have been added to the specific page/form or to the app.

NOTE: For code safety and efficiency, variables and functions declared inside the Custom Code block are not visible outside the block.

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