Enable/Disable Element

Block Information

Available in: Page Flow

Toolbox Category: Input

Block Type: Regular

Enable/Disable Element is a regular block that allows you to enable or disable elements on a page or form. When an element is disabled, it typically appears grayed out and the user cannot click on it or interact with it in any way.

The specific behavior depends on the type of element it is applied to. Here are some common use cases:

  • Input and Multi-line elements: The user cannot enter or modify any value.

  • Dropdown element: The dropdown menu becomes non-selectable, and the user cannot change the selected option.

  • Checkbox and Toggle Switch elements : The user cannot toggle the state.

  • Button and Link elements: The user cannot trigger clicks/right-clicks, double-clicks, etc.

Refer to the Enable/Disable Element in Data Design block for dynamically generated content.

The block comes in two modes which are discussed below.

Mode 1

The Mode 1 version of the Enable/Disable Element block consists of (from left to right):

  • Element: Selectable Input to choose the element you want to enable/disable.

  • Data: Dropdown to select the option to enable or disable the element.

Mode 2

The Mode 2 version of the Enable/Disable Element block consists of (from left to right):

  • Element: Value Parameter that accepts either a text value in the form of a CSS Selector or an element value. The Element block comes pre-attached for your convenience but can be removed and customized.

  • Data: Value Parameter that accepts a boolean (true/false) value where true represents the enabled state and false represents the disabled state.

Usage Examples

The image below shows an example of the Mode 1 version where the selected element is disabled.

In the next example we see a Mode 2 version where the Element value parameter is attached to a Text block containing a CSS Selector that selects the same element. This time the element is enabled.

NOTE: Using a CSS selector, you can operate on multiple elements that match the criteria specified by the selector. See the references below for more information:

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