Adding Content to Structured Pages

The information in this section refers to definitions and concepts introduced in

the What is a Structured Page ? and Page Editor Tour sections.

The image below shows a empty structured page with the header, body and footer sections.

Adding Page Slices

To add a page slice to the header, body or footer section, click anywhere on the section and select the + Add option from the options menu.

For the body section, you can add more than one page slice. The header and footer section can only have one page slice.

The video below demonstrates a structured page with header, body and footer sections. The header consists of a menubar. The footer contains a copyright message. The body of this specific page contains an example hero image.

After you have made a page header and footer slice, you can add them to other structured pages. Please note that: Modifying the page slice via any structured page will automatically change it in other pages. If you want a page to have an exclusive copy of an existing slice, be sure to check the Make a Copy switch when adding the slice.

The video below adds the same menubar and footer copyright message to a new structured page.

Page Slice Options Menu

In the page editor, clicking on any page slice of a structured page will present a menu with the following options:

  • Edit

    The edit option takes you into the page editor where you can design and edit the page slice.

  • Add

    For the body section, the Add option will allow you to either add an exiting page slice or create a new one. The page slice is then inserted immediately after the selected page slice. For header and footer sections, the add option will only show if no slice has been added to those sections.

  • Remove

    This option removes the slice from the page. The slice itself is retained in your slice library.

Reordering Page Slices in the body section

You can change the order of the slices added to the body section. Simply click on the slice and drag it to the desired position. See the example video below.

Page Slices Library

All the page slices that you create can be managed via the page slices library.

In the App Editor, use the Toolbox menu and select Page Slices to access the page slices library.

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