Data Lookup

Block Information

Available in: Page Flow and Cloud Flow

Toolbox Category: Data - Read

Block Type: Regular

Data Lookup is a regular block that triggers the search for a record from a database table. The search operation is carried out using criteria that include values for the unique field (or fields) of the table.

The block consists of the following (from top to bottom):

  • Table: Value Parameter that accepts a text value representing the name of the Database Table .

  • Dataset Name: Value Parameter that accepts a text value representing the name of the dataset. This can be any text value and can later be used to track the completion of the read.

  • Criteria: Value Parameter that accepts an object value containing the search criteria. The Object block is pre-attached by default and its properties are automatically populated based on the unique fields of the selected table.


  • This block initiates the database search, which will occur in the background. To track the status and to take an action upon completion of the search, use the Data Status block.

  • To access the record after a successful search, use the Data Record Info block.

Usage Example

NOTE: Please refer to the prerequisite information shown here before seeing the example.

The image below shows an example of the Data Lookup block where a search is conducted on the Customers database table which we have discussed here.

As the Customers database table has a single unique field CustomerID, the Criteria value parameter is linked to an object with its CustomerID property assigned to the desired search value, which is 2 in this scenario.

To track the completion of this search operation, we use the Data Status block. When the search completes successfully, we use the Data Record Info block to retrieve the FirstName and LastName fields and display that using the Show Information Popup block.

The result for the above example is shown in the image below.

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