App User Groups

The App User Groups screen allows you to assign personalized names to user groups that correspond to the specific terminology and naming conventions that are relevant to your app.

You can access the app user groups screen using the User Groups option located in the Settings menu of the App Editor.


Zingy offers a total of 12 user groups, allowing you to customize the names of all groups except for the 'All Users' and 'Admin' groups, which have predefined names.

It is important to note that you are not required to utilize all of the available groups, and there is no issue if certain groups are not used.


Zingy provides five predefined roles that offer different levels of privileges.

These roles, listed in ascending order of privilege, are:

  • Staff Level 1,

  • Staff Level 2

  • Supervisor

  • Manager

  • Dept Lead.

When assigning a user to a group, it is essential to specify the role within that group.

Similarly, when defining access control and security rules for resources such as pages, database tables, connections, and more within your app, you are required to specify both the group and the minimum role level. Users in the group but with lower privilege roles will not be allowed to access the resource.

Customizing group names

To change the name of a group, simply enter the desired name next to the group's number and click Save.

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