The Alert element as the name implies, provides a user-friendly way to provide feedback to the user or to grab the user's attention and display a message.

It is closely related to the Alert Dismissible element that offers the ability to dismiss or remove the message.

You can edit the text inside the Alert element just like other text editable elements and use the standard formatting tools in addition to created Badged Text.

The Alert element inherits the font properties from the parent element chain or uses the Body font defined at the app level (in App Settings). You can customize this by using the Custom CSS Classes setting or by using the Design Tab.

  • You can use the Alert element inside a Heading element and have it rendered in a heading style.

  • You can dynamically create an Alert element using the Alert Text block in Page Flow.


The following images show examples of Alert and Alert Dismissible elements.


The Options tab settings for this element are described below:

Alert Style

Select from a pre-defined list of background and text colors. For any other customizations see here.


Marks the element as dismissible. Used by the Alert Dismissible element.

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